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We love to share our knowledge and experience. We believe that Eyelash extensions industry has a great potential and needs  more talented and professional artists. We make sure every student is confident in eyelash extensions application when leaves the class.

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Classes are Given by Professionals with Over 7 Years of Experience

Small Group Focused Training  Class with Up to 3 Students

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Anna Shirokova

She started her career in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Anna attended multiple classes and workshops from the local and European top eyelash extensions stylists and has never stopped learning. Every year she takes classes to make sure UniLash uses the latest techniques in the industry.


Anna started Unilash in 2014 and the company is consistently growing since then. Anna provides classes for beginners and advanced eyelash artists and workshops. She loves to share her knowledge with students and makes sure every student is able to start their own practice after completing the class. 

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student's Reviews


“My friend recommended me this place. She does her lashes with Anna for two years and they always look gorgeous. I was trying to learn volume eyelash extensions on my own but ended up attending the class. She explained me why my fans were closing all the time and didn't look fluffy. Now my fans look perfect!”

“Anna has a lot of experience and she enjoys to share it. I took the Classic course and absolutely loved it! There was a lot of new information but she made it very easy to understand. Thank you!”

“I'm happy I picked this place. Anna is very talented and knowledgeable. And prices are reasonable! There was me and another girl in the certification class which made it very comfortable. Anna took her time with each of us. I'm excited to start practicing on my girlfriends!”

lily b.



Eyelash extensions classes

Whether you're an aspiring stylist or you want to learn to apply your makeup correctly, taking eyelash extension classes and certification will help you. The training courses will equip you with the necessary skills to start your own business and even pay your eyelash extensions professionally. If you aim to start a business, then you cannot serve your clients efficiently if you don't have the right training courses or certification. There are different levels of practice you can enroll in, ranging from basics to advanced classes. If you don't know anything about eyelash extensions, then taking the fundamentals training class is the best idea. If you have some knowledge and want to hone your skills, then you can either join intermediate or advanced eyelash extension training  classes.



Why choose us


There are also several places you can choose for your certification and training and Unilash is one of them. One of the things that make us stand out from the rest is our dedication to our clients. We offer an eyelash certification and training course intending to help you start your own business. We also understand that to meet the needs of various people, we have to classify our classes further. We, therefore, have one day and two-day training courses that make it easier for you to continue with your daily routine and still learn about the eyelash extension application. Our training lessons are also for groups so that you can take them with your friends. Whether you have some knowledge about eyelash extensions or you're a novice user, we can equip you with the best experience to help you thrive. We also offer additional support after the training courses and use our kit during the training.



How Much Can You Make as an Eyelash Extension Professional


Once you get your certification from the eyelash extension training course, you'll be able to earn some substantial amount. For instance, if you charge your clients $60 for lift lashes and you serve approximately 15 clients every week, you'll end up with over $46,000 yearly. For your classic lashing clients, you can charge around $150 per person. If you end up with five clients daily, you'll have $40,000 at the end of the year. You can also do volume lashing and charge every client $250. Serving five clients daily will leave you with a little over $60,000 at the end of the year. Remember that you may end up having more clients especially after you've proven your value through your service provision skills and training.



Why You Should Become an Eyelash Extension Professional


Eyelash Extension training classes enable you to become a professional who can either train others or serve individual clients. Either way, you'll have a business opportunity that can succeed. The makeup industry is also here to stay. This means you'll always have a job when you become a professional.