You can choose thinner or thicker lashes to give you either a natural or more dramatic look.

This set will give you a full yet natural

look. Extensions applies one by one to your natural lashes.



eyelash extensions san diego

UniLash uses only high quality products for eyelash extensions application. All products were tested over the years and have  excellent feedback.

We  customize eyelash extensions set for each client and have vary of options to choose from: different curls, lengths,  styles (natural, doll, cat eye, kitten, wispy and more), and designs, including glittered, colored lashes and lashes with rhinestones.

Our stylists make sure each client knows how to take care of eyelash extensions. UniLash keeps all the aftercare products including lash cleansers, lash coating, lash growth serums, brushes, protective sleep masks and others. 

At UniLash we don't require to get a new set after a certain amount of fills, you can get touch up after touch up and save money. Please be aware though that if you consistently get only fills that may affect a retention, nothing last as long as a freshly done Eyelash set. 

We offer multiple eyelash extensions type classic, 2D, 3D, Russian volume, Mega volume and Bottom eyelash extensions application to make sure every person will find a suitable lash set from very natural to super dramatic.

Only professional eyelash extensions artists with over two years experience who consistently get trained in latest techniques and trends of eyelash extensions art.    

Professional Service - Volume Lashes

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Customers Reviews

After getting my lashes done at a different location and not liking the results I searched online and found UniLash to get a lash fill. The girl did an awesome job! I went with the natural look lash treatments because I don't wear a lot of makeup and I feel like a million bucks! Thanks!!!


I've been going to this lash studio for more than a year now. They do an amazing job with my lashes and always accommodate with my schedule. They have an amazing lash salon and a friendly lash artist.


Anna is amazing to say the least. She's such a professional & great at what she does! My lashes last about two weeks looking perfect and I can usually squeeze out a third week before I need a touch up with their common lash styles. She is also super  fast which is key! My lashes look perfect every time. 


I'd been wanting to get eyelash extensions for a while but I was afraid that they'd look fake or too much, but Uni Lash does a really great job! The first lash appointment took about 2.5 hours but the last few have been about an hour! Their lash studio a very relaxing and comfortable environment and the process goes smoothly every time. My lashes last about 4 weeks, and by the fourth week there are still enough lashes to make a noticeable difference. 


I got my lash extensions done for the first time a month ago! & I seriously loved them! So nice waking up and not having to do any kind of makeup, but you still look presentable with an amazing lash set! I had my lashes for 4 weeks and even after all that time I still had pretty full lashes. Ana is very quick and always makes sure you leave satisfied with your new lashes :) so worth the money. Amazing lash service

K. M.

Anna is very professional and super friendly, which is a big plus when you have to lay down for an hour while getting your extensions done. Also, she did the job fast, and it was amazing. My lashes looked super natural and it's been a month since i did them. I was afraid that my eyelashes would look fake if i get the longer ones, but i think that i would want to go for longer ones next time.