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Eyelash Extensions Myths

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Dear lash lovers this is for you and everyone who has ever been unsure of what to believe when it comes to lash treatments. We at UniLash have decided to face common eyelash extension myths head on so that you can continue your lash treatment and avoid those misleading rumors. Below are 6 things you should know!

1. Wearing eyelash extensions will cause my eyelashes to fall out!

This is also false, when properly applied by a professional lash technician there should be no damage to your natural lashes. Extensions are applied on the top of natural lash and don't block your natural lashes from growing. Like hair, lashes shed every day. On average, you loose around 3-5 lashes per day and that's completely normal. With the proper after care advice, it will be easy to maintain eyelash extensions and keep your lashes healthy.

2. Eyelash Extensions always look fake!

Here at UniLash we provide an experience that is as unique as you are. The eyelash extensions will vary based on your desired lash look. You have a preference between a natural look or a more dramatic voluminous look. Here at UniLash we customize eyelash extensions specially for each customer choosing from different length, curls, thickness and style. We make sure to achieve the desired look.

3. All lash technicians are the same!

Lash technician will vary based on experience, here at UniLash we hold our technician to an exceptionally high standards in lash health, care and safety. All our technicians have over two years experience, completed and passed their training and are certified. Therefore you need to be aware of the training and experience your lash artist will have.

4. Eyelash Extensions are just for young people

Lash extensions are for everyone,though most people will presume it is a younger trend, women of all ages are getting their lases done. The goal of every lash technician at UniLash is to create a lashes that will suit any eye shape and desired look. Eyelash Extensions are for anyone who wants to enhance their eye beauty.

5. You don't have to do anything to your eyelashes while having extensions. Eyelash Extensions make getting ready easy, as you wake up feeling glamorous with full and fluffy lashes. However, your lashes do require some loving care to keep them looking astonishingly fresh as the moment they were applied including cleaning, brushing and following the aftercare.

6. You can't get eyelash extensions wet.

That is completely false statement. You have to clean your lashes while having eyelash extensions. We recommend washing your lashes daily with an oil free gently Lash cleanser to remove build-up of any make-up or dead skin that collects. To remove bacteria and any impurities, we would advise you to use the UniLash shampoo twice a week, carefully cleaning with a soft brush, and then combing them through with a mascara wand.

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